Tips for cleaning your carpets and rugs

No matter how well you take care of your carpets and how much effort you put in keeping them tidy, they will become victims of spills, dust, dirt, accidents and anything that sticks to your shoes. So it is very important to take care of anything that makes you carpet dirty else it could leave stains on the spot or else stick there forever.

The tips is to target the stains as soon as you find it. Be it some kind of spill or some accident, it is very important to cope with it right on the spot and with the right tools as well. Not every stain has to be removed the same way and not every stain will get off from the carpet the same way. You will have to be very careful as the product you are putting on the stain could react and make things worse for you. So select the product wisely and check the following list of solutions for day to day spills and accidents that could spoil your carpet fort worth.

  • The first tip to remember is that when you are cleaning the carpet for a specific stain, do not rub, just dab the solution on the spot with the help of some cloth, sponge or washcloth.
  • If there is some wine or beer spot on the carpet, go for the hack of club soda. All you need to do is to dab the cloth in soda and put it on the spot. It will get cleared quickly.
  • For the ordinary spills and stains, the best cleaning agent is the shaving cream and it does work on most of them. Every home almost has got a shaving cream so it’s easy to find and economical as well.
  • If some chewing gum gets stuck to the carpet from someone’s shoes, the best way to remove is to dry freeze it. Put a n ice cube on the gum, let it dry and prick it off.
  • If there is some grease stain, then you can make use of the dishwasher and get rid of the stain of grease. The general tip to follow always is to dab, not rub.
  • If there is some candle or some other wax on the carpet, clean it with heating through some cloth and iron. It will melt and you can pick it off.

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