Glass Doors Emerging in Midwestern Bathroom Design

A growing trend when either building or remodeling a bathroom is the inclusion of a European shower. An updated bathroom with the latest amenities will always increase the inherent visual appeal of a property. A professionally designed bathroom not only enhances the visual appeal of the room, it also significantly adds to the value of the home. It’s not unusual to spend several thousand dollars to get the perfect bathroom. A European shower adds a special taste of elegance with its free-flowing feel taking advantage of any natural light sources sometimes creating a visual misconception of more space. The designs are often distinctive because of the many options for the surface areas, especially the glass, as well as the variety of methods used to incorporate the shower into a modern bathroom. From its open, expansive look to its seamless design with the accompaniment of glass doors and enclosures, it’s an especially eye-appealing addition to any bathroom. Over the years, many different design trends have immigrated to our country from Europe as well as other countries. The idea of a European shower is just one of the latest high-end trends on the rise. As the trends saturate inland from the coasts, the mid-western states begin to see the infiltration of these unique designs.
USA Today posted an article, in July of 2017 by Gabi Logan touching on the origin of the European style bathroom. He describes the originally designed shower area as either behind a high ledge or incorporated into the walls and floors of the bathroom usually with little, if any, water barrier from the rest of the bathroom. Generally, a faucet or hose would have been attached to the wall in a strategic location for the shower area. This basic idea of minimalism has evolved into sometimes grandiose bathrooms where the European showers are able to highlight the room with unique specialized tiles, marble, glass doors, and designer finishes.

In the Cincinnati, Oh. area, more and more contractors are seeing an increase of both buyers and builders seeking to either add or incorporate European showers into their bathrooms. On a google search for european showers cincinnati oh, a blog from a local glass fabricator and installer, appears fully detailing the many facets and advantages of having a European shower. On his blog, he talks about an aura of minimalism created by the clean lines lending cohesion between the tiled walls and glass doors. He also notes the lighting advantages due to the general openness of the showers allowing an abundance of natural light.

This trend seems to be steadily gaining in popularity. High-end, and sometimes middle of the road, homes are seeing an increase in demand for European bathrooms in their building plans. Whether it’s the sleek overall design of the shower or maybe the openness of area with the stunning wall of glass, this home feature seems to be popping up more and more in recent years.

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