Tips on Designing a Bespoke Wardrobe for Your Bedroom

Organising your bedroom becomes a more enjoyable task when there is sufficient storage space. It isn’t essential to have luxurious furniture or a walk-in closet. Even small bedrooms can be made to look spacious if you have a fitted wardrobe. A bespoke wardrobe constructed seamlessly to fit the available space creates a stunning visual for any room. But with the plenty of design choices available, how do you design a perfect wardrobe that suits your needs and, at the same type reflects your style?

Plan for optimum function

Bespoke wardrobes can be designed however you like. You can decide how much space you will allot for hanging clothes, for drawers, and shelves for folded clothes. You need to plan carefully so that you can maximise the features of your wardrobe. Think about specifications such as drawer size and hanger height. You need to make sure that you will not have any trouble reaching or grabbing what you need once you have your things stored away.

Choose a door style

The wardrobe door can affect both aesthetics and functionality. For smaller rooms, sliding doors may be a better choice. In addition to making a small room less cluttered, sliding doors look more modern and stylish. You can also add mirrors so that the doors can reflect light and make the room brighter.

Material and finish

Bespoke wardrobes came in a variety of finishes and made from different materials. You need to choose depending on your preferred style, especially if you want the wardrobe to match the furniture in your bedroom. A simple style will look more sleek and versatile since you may decide later on to redecorate your bedroom.

Think about comfort when adding drawers and shelves

Your supplier can assist in choosing the right shelving and drawers for your wardrobe. Everyday items like underwear and socks should be easily accessible. You may not want to have shelves that are too high or drawers that are too low. Always consider who will use the wardrobe and design accordingly.

Maximise the available space

The purpose of choosing a fitted wardrobe is to maximise your room’s vertical space. But, poor design can also reduce its functionality. That is why planning is key to ensuring that your bespoke wardrobe matches your desired specifications.

Key takeaways

Bespoke wardrobes offer many benefits compared to regular freestanding wardrobes. But, you need to be careful in choosing a design because it is a significant investment. Once the wardrobe is installed, it will be more difficult to request further changes, and it will cost more. Therefore, in addition to the tips above, the last critical consideration you need to make is finding the right supplier. You need a wardrobe supplier that has quality products and excellent service. Since you are buying a bespoke wardrobe, they need to be accommodating in terms of what you envision for your room.

Lastly, take the time to research for ideas and inspiration from interior design magazines so that you can finalise your options and choose the perfect fitted wardrobe.

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