Homeowner Guide: What to Do Before Moving Into Your New Home

A new house means a new life for you and your family. So, as much as possible, avoid moving in issues that could get you off to a bad start.

Your home may have passed local building codes and standards, but that doesn’t mean you can live on it right then and there. Make sure to conduct a property inspection before your moving date. Here is the essential pre-moving checklist to keep in mind.

Clean up the entire property.

Whether you plan to do the work on your own or hire the service of pros, make sure that you are not forgetting the move in cleaning work. If it’s a newly constructed house, you might still find dust and pieces of construction debris around.

If you don’t want to spend your first weeks in the new house cleaning and dusting off corners, then get it cleaned days or weeks before moving in. Depending on the size of the property, it could take a few hours or a day to clean up both the interior and exterior spaces.

Get new locks.

Prioritize the safety of your home by setting up an efficient and tamper-proof security system. Don’t hesitate to ask help from experts when looking for locks to use on doors. Additionally, install the security cameras before moving in to provide your family protection from day one.

Check the lights.

Is your house well-lit during the night? Getting correct light fixtures for interior and exterior use is very important for both the safety and functionality of your new home. If you wish to upgrade the lights in a pre-existing house, be sure to consult first with your home electrician.

Check water flow in the house.

Water is one of the main necessities in a home. A home is not livable when there is no source of clean water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing. Whether or not there are visible signs of plumbing problems in your home, you must call a  licensed and skilled plumber for a complete plumbing system inspection.

Test run the HVAC system.

If you are moving in in the summer, you’ll have to make sure the HVAC system is well functioning and ready to use. An HVAC system that is already 1 to 2 decades old needs to be replaced. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with sudden unit breakdowns and constant repairs.

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